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Therefore, an upcoming seminar is not scheduled .

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"Helping Lifelong Renters to Become Homeowners."


Can we ask you a personal question? Yes? Okay, here's the question:
"DO YOU REALLY WANT TO WITHIN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS?" If you answered YES then keep reading, because you will soon be on a path to owning your own home within the next 12 months!  If you answered NO due to fear, laziness, procrastination or some other excuse...click off this immediately (this is not for you)!
If you are still reading this website, then we assume that you have decided to become a homeowner within the next year.
Now, before we proceed with the GOOD NEWS on "How to make this BIG goal happen within 12 months or less," we have to dispel some MYTHS that you've heard about .
MYTH # 1: Buying a home is HARD
MYTH # 2: The process is too complicated
MYTH # 3: You have to pay off ALL of your bills before you can buy
MYTH # 4: Talking to a Loan Officer is scary
MYTH # 5: You need thousands of dollars saved to buy a home
MYTH # 6: You need to have excellent to buy a home
Are you interested in knowing the TRUTH?
TRUTH # 1: Buying is EASY if you are educated & prepared
TRUTH # 2: The home buying process can be broken down easily
TRUTH # 3: You DO NOT have to pay off ALL of your bills first
TRUTH # 4: The Loan Officer is in business to help you succeed
TRUTH # 5: You will need some money, but not likely thousands
TRUTH # 6: You don't need excellent credit to buy; just a 640
If you're still with us...we want to ask you another question.  Is that cool with you? Yes? Okay, here's the second question:
"WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION FOR BUYING?" We ask this question at the start of each HOPE Seminar.  Each seminar we hear the same responses over and over...
  • My children
  • Tired of renting
  • Want to build wealth for myself
  • Constantly throwing my money away
  • Tired of making my landlord rich
  • I don't own anything of my own
  • Stability
  • Freedom to decorate and entertain family and friends
  • Tax benefits
  • Leave something (legacy) for my children someday
Do any of these fuel your motivation to purchase a home?  If so, GREAT! But, before we celebrate we must identify what has "kept" you from buying your own home in the past...we call them "EXCUSES."
EXCUSE # 1: I am afraid of making a long-term commitment
EXCUSE # 2: My credit is "SHOT!"
EXCUSE # 3: I gotta pay down some debt first
EXCUSE # 4: Fear and intimidation
EXCUSE # 5: Not willing to personally sacrifice to make it happen
EXCUSE # 6: I don't make enough money to buy a house
Hey, check out this quote (dealing with the EXCUSES we make):
"Excuses are the tools of incompetence;
monuments of nothingness."
If you have used any of these excuses in the past to try to justify why you haven't pursued homeownership...silently, as you're reading this website - "Ask God to forgive you for holding back your promise of homeownership due to fear, laziness, past credit challenges, selfishness and greed and for over valuing depreciating items that don't return any investment on your money." - AMEN!
It's just that SIMPLE (smile)!
We've all had fears and made poor financial choices, but it's time to "let go" of the past and press forward to receive our promise!
Whoa, are you still hangin' out with us on this website? Is it because of your curiosity, motivation and/or do you feel sincerely challenged this time to make it happen?  If so, let us introduce you to the benefits and rewards of becoming a homeowner!
And, the AWARD goes to...DRUM ROLE PLEASE..."YOU!"
REWARD # 1: YOU are building wealth
REWARD # 2: YOU are setting a good example for your children
REWARD # 3: YOU are getting tax incentives
REWARD # 4: YOU are investing in an appreciating asset
REWARD # 5: YOU are establishing stability
REWARD # 6: YOU are growing equity for other life adventures
Okay, one last question...you ready to answer? Yes? Here's the last question: "ARE YOU READY TO INVEST 3 HOURS OF YOUR TIME TO DEVELOP A "GAME PLAN" THAT WILL HAVE YOU IN A HOME OF YOUR OWN WITHIN 12 MONTHS OR LESS?"

Make sure you think about this one carefully before answering too quickly...this question is for SERIOUS INDIVIDUALS that are motivated and ready to shift the wealth from their landlord to themselves; individuals who are fed up and "Determined to END the rent cycle!"
If your answer is YES - GET READY for one of the biggest changes of your life, yes, we mean this is going to be "Life Changing" for you!
HOPE Homebuyer Seminars has helped so many individuals in Central Arkansas to become homeowners.  We are committed to doing the same with you!  This is NOT your average home buying seminar.  Our seminars are encouraging, inspiring, fun and most importantly "HANDS ON."  We are going to equip you with everything you need throughout your home buying process!
This is not a gimmick, get-rich-quick scheme or sales pitch.
When we say we are serious about our MISSION: To equip, encourage and inspire individuals and families to become homeowners within a year or less; we sincerely mean it!
We GUARANTEE that we will hang in there with you until you become a homeowner!  All we ask is that you follow the plan(s) that are provided to you by our team of professionals.  We specialize in working with first time home buyers and have proven success that you can purchase a home within 12 months or less of attending one of our HOPE Homebuyer Seminars.
Simply put, we love God and we love God's people.  We are simply a group of professionals that share the same faith, have big hearts to serve others and want to give back to our communities.
To learn more about the benefits that you will receive by attending our seminar, and to meet our HOPE Homebuyer Team of professionals click on the "ABOUT US" tab!
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